Need Info on Doing Inner City Sidewalk Sweeping

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Need Info on Doing Inner City Sidewalk Sweeping

Post by ranger » Mon Oct 15, 2007 3:10 pm

As a courtesy I am posting this for the person who sent me this email. Please include an email to with your reply.
-Ranger, editor

REDF is a nonprofit organization that forms alliances with a portfolio of social enterprises (i.e., nonprofits that employ people who would otherwise remain living in long-term poverty). A nonprofit agency we are working with is considering establishing an enterprise to employ the homeless to do sidewalk cleaning in the San Francisco bay area. We are helping them evaluate the feasibility of that endeavor.

I saw your comprehensive site on the internet and was hoping you could help us find some data/information. Specifically, I was wondering whether you might be able to send me any of the following re: sidewalk cleaning business:
-Sample business plans
-Sample financial data or information (e.g., cost drivers, sample income statement, sample start-up or equipment costs, etc.)
-Sample operational ratio data or other information
-Any other documents that would help us understand the keys to success and potential pitfalls

Thanks very much for your help; it could go a long way to promoting a very good cause.

Best regards,
Rebecca Dizon-Ross
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Post by Mann » Wed Jan 09, 2008 1:12 pm

Where I live in Canada, our City puts out a contract for sidewalk sweeping after Winter has ended. Approximately 400,000 Sq. metres.
Manual sweeping and scraping is involved and swept with a mid to large ride on Tennant sweeper with vacuum dust control. No dirt allowed to go into gutter. Generally pays about 25 - 30 Cents per Sq. metre. Should do about 20,000 Sq metres per 8 hours with one machine and 6-8 handworkers. Probably haul 125 cubic yards in total.

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