What Broom Sweeper for Milling, and Why?

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What Broom Sweeper for Milling, and Why?

Post by ranger » Wed Jan 04, 2006 12:53 am

Here's one for all you operators who are experienced at sweeping up after milling machines. Through the years, I've been surprised at how loyal people are to whatever model of sweeper they choose to use for milling? Maybe that's because the fines can be so high, in some traffic closure situations, when you can't keep up!

Anyway, if you're someone with experience in this area, please weigh in with why you like whatever particular sweeper type/model you use. Also, what tips would you offer for those just starting out in this type of work, or who are interested in doing so? Have the requirements, or best type of sweeper to use, changed much in recent years?

-Ranger Kidwell-Ross, editor


Preffered Broom Sweeper for Millings

Post by Guest » Sat Jan 28, 2006 7:48 pm

By far the most efficient sweeper for a milling application is the Schwarze M5000. With the design of the elevator and main broom assembly having an auger to break up any large debris as well as center the load it is by far the "best in class". With a center loading elevator the machine is able to ALWAYS load the hopper to capacity, no matter where the debris is within the cut. Additionally, the main broom rides on casters that allow for a constant broom contact pattern. This broom design is beneficial to both pick up capability and overall broom life.

Las but not least is the way the machine is built. The M5000 is built the "old way", like tank. Botton line it is built to last and provide the user with many years of dependable performance.

So if you are looking for a milling sweeper that will keep up with a fast moving mill and eliminate any expensive fines, buy a Schwarze M5000. I would also like to mention a recent addition to the Schwarze line, the M6000. From what I have seen it is able to rival the performance of the M5000 and I therefore strongly recommend anyone to take a look at it as well. While the M5000 is designed for the milling application, the M6000 is more versitle for varying applications.

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Post by Tom_in_CA » Sat Jul 22, 2006 12:56 pm

Whatever it is, it needs to be a twin engine machine. No matter how well the PTO of a single engine machine, is designed, it can still not provide the power to the brooms that grinding/milling requires

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