Adjustment question. 2001 Elgin Broom Bear

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Adjustment question. 2001 Elgin Broom Bear

Post by Sweepintimmy » Thu Mar 29, 2018 5:18 pm

Long been a lurker on this forum and thisnis my first time posting.

I work for a small operation located in Florida.

01 Elgin Broom Bear. Primarily used for millings clean up.

After coming out of the cut, and driving well over half a block, when main broom is raised there is a perfectly rectangular patch of debris that goes the whole length of the main broom.

If I'm right, it should NOT take this long to clear the broom. For whatever reason, that debris is getting pushed instead of flung into the elevator like it should.

We've resorted to blowing these piles off the road... My suspicion is that the main broom needs to be adjusted.... Or theres something else going on.

According to the man in charge, this truck has always done this.

We have another sweeper.. A Schwarze M6000 that does not leave piles like this. You can lift the broom after 1/4 of a block and its perfectly clean.

If anyone can provide some insight I would greatly appreciate it!

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Re: Adjustment question. 2001 Elgin Broom Bear - reply

Post by Tom_in_CA » Thu Apr 05, 2018 9:42 pm

Yes: If you drive another 1/4 to 1/2 block, on clean flat road, then any debris (millings, dirt, etc... ) should have been long-since up on to the flights, and into your hopper. You are simply bulldozing some stuff forward, and taking too long to catch-a-flight.

Possible solutions:

a) Do you have a rubber "curtain" at the bottom lip of your elevator floor ? It's right ahead of the broom path, and right at the bottom of the elevator bottom.

b) Check to see if the flight squeegees are flush on the elevator floor, in their entire path up. As opposed to having daylight show at any sections . If so, then you can adjust your chains, sprockets, tension, etc.... so that no day-light exists. ( Or it might be time for a new flights/floors/elevator job ?) . This is especially important on the bottom-most squeegee, where it has to "catch" the material flicking up.

c) And if daylight exists on any other sections of the flights going up, then some material will "slipshod" back down repeatedly.

d) Is your main broom over-adjusted with too much down-pressure ? You know what main broom "pattern" is, right ? Your "pattern" should be 6" to 8". Some people incorrectly think that the more down-pressure they give it, then the "better it will sweep". But this is not true. There is an optimum down pressure range where the bristles "flick" (a sort of "spring" action) the debris "up". Versus if you have too much down pressure, then you will tend to bull-doze forward.

Let us know how it goes.

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