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Market Research/ Surveying

Post by candyman » Thu Feb 09, 2012 7:28 pm

Hi Everyone,

I am a newbie and I am researching my local market for starting a possible sweeping service. Does anyone have any suggestions or advice on Market research? My plan is to create a survey poll for them asking the general questions such as: have you or are you currently or would you consider using a sweeping company. If you have, what is the average cost they have spent per month on the service, and allow them a comment box for the to elaberate on their likes and dislikes if using a sweeping service. Does this sound like the right direction or should I ad or leave something off? I am just trying to find these answers and being new, I wonder if their is anything else I could ask that would help me? Also, what way is the best way you think to approach this? My plan was by email and have them click a link if they are willing to take the survey. It would take the to the poll site and could make their multiple choice selections there. The advantage is the poll site would talley up the votes on a bar scale percentage and make it easier for me to understand. So they don't think it is spammer or trouble, I would send it from my personal email with a personal explination explaing my need and desire for their opinion in the survey. It would also hopefully give me a chance to keep their information on file, so should the poll testify that there is potential success allowing me to get a loan for the truck, then I could use that information to contact them in the future and present the new service offered by since they participated in the survey. I also wondered if this couldn't be a way to use some sort of promotional discount for their participation in the survey. I've not thought of that much, just an idea, so I wouldn't say anything about that up front. But, later if it was a possibility and if I could offer that as a thank you for their participation, kinda like a sign on discount. Just a thought there. Be encouraged to share your stories too. Thank you all for any assistance.

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Re: Market Research/ Surveying

Post by Tom_in_CA » Tue May 08, 2012 3:52 pm

I don't think any of the poll or surveys or things like that you mention will work. Potential customers will just see it as "advertisements" or "junk mail" and pitch it. Your best bet, to guage potential demand/need in your area, is to see who's currently in your area (a simple look under "sweeping - power" in the yellow pages), to see who's there now. If there's multiple companies, all vying for the same market, then ........ doesn't bode well for you. But if it's a single operator, who drives a $10k corvette, and lives the high-life off his income, then ... perhaps there's "room" for competition. Or if the nearest Co. is a long ways away (indicating their routes commute to reach your area). Or if you can look at the properties/job sites, and they're not at all kept up well (caked up debri in corners, gritty pavement, etc....).

If all these things indicate a "need" in your area, then you can take it from there. Pass out your business cards to the right decision makers, offer "sample" sweeps for free on a portion (not all) of their property, to show how you get the corners, get it down to the grit, etc....

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Re: Market Research/ Surveying

Post by Smith-Equipment » Thu Aug 18, 2016 6:58 am

We've been experimenting with the web. Search engine optimization, while expensive, will definitely effect your bottom lines positively. The traffic on our website has nearly quintupled and it continues to rise. There's some stiff competition on the sweeper brushes marketing landscape but the internet can serve as an equalizer and give fair grounds to see the small guys next to the larger ones. Things like providing Live Support, contact forms, and quality website content are great steps in the right direction for growing any sweeper business.

If I may be so bold, I noticed a rather lack of website sophistication among sweeper brush brands. The more who upgrade to take advantage of this defect the sooner the industry will react and we'll see more wide ranging industry related website improvements.

If you do consider e-mail marketing, do so at your own risk. The most effective way would be to run the numbers game. Acquire 10,000 contact e-mails in the business to get 0.1% conversion rate. It may be low, but the few that do click will convert and you'll get a few jobs as a result. I would strongly advise against e-mailing a smaller contact list. Doing so will just encourage defection and the marketer preparing the work won't receive good analytics and thus will stop the campaign. There's nothing wrong with e-mail marketing, but you must have a large quantity of contacts to endure the low. Remember to always comply with the SPAM-CAN Act of 2007. Make sure you have a viable unsubscribe method on the e-mails your sending. Constant Contact or Vertical Response are great tools for complying with FCC regulations regarding e-mail and growing your business without the technical hassle.

Want to see an example? Just visit our sweeper attachments page for example: ... ttachment/

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Re: Market Research/ Surveying

Post by Protect Environment » Sat Nov 19, 2016 10:58 am

You must make plans and actions to cope with your competitors. But don't be afraid if your competitors are already leading the industry in your are of consideration. Web appearance is one of the best ways to reach potential clients. do SEO, Content marketing, advertising, webinar etc. to get popularity. Also offer some free services to cities so that you can be loyal to your potential clients.
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