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Trying to figure out the year of my sweeper and what 1TE4 stands for

Posted: Tue Jul 09, 2019 9:41 pm
by 1TE4
Ive had this sweeper for quit a few years about 15 i think and i have no idea what year it is ,im about to post it for sale since i no longer will be sweeping .It is a 1TE4 , Im also trying to figure out what the model 1TE4 stands for, i have only found one picture on the internet which has the same features as mine all except the rear fenders which are squared off not round,and that picture says 1971. It has a gas 6 cyl front, gas ford 4 cyl back. Its a belly dump.

Re: Trying to figure out the year of my sweeper and what 1TE4 stands for

Posted: Wed Jul 10, 2019 7:54 am
by Tom_in_CA
Hey there. "1TE4" stands for : 1 gutter broom, Twin Engine, 4 yard hopper. Is that a working functional unit ?

1971 was.... I think ... the very last year that the Mobils had totally mechanical brooms. Versus hydraulic brooms. I think 1972 was a cross-over year, where the gutter brooms were hydraulic, while the main broom was still mechanical chain drive.

Is your 1971 totally mechanical chain drive brooms ? They swept great ! The trouble was: They were a mechanic's worst nightmare. Doh ! :) Hard to maintain.

1970 or '71, was when they went to "square cab" (versus the prior "round cab" style). And I think there was a cross-over year (71 or 72?) where: The front nose was square (like your pix), yet the back was sloped curve. Can you post a pix of the side and rear of yours ? Just for nostalgia sakes :)

Unfortunately, there's not much value in an old unit like that. Even hydraulic ones of the later 1970s and into 1980s, will scarcely fetch $3k to $5 at an auction. The reason is, that the contractors tend to want high dumps. Which weren't introduced till the mid to late 1980s. And as far as "vintage" or "nostalgia", there's no one collecting them :/ Not even Jay Leno has any vintage sweepers in his collection, to my knowledge, haha

Here's the only way I could figure to sell that: Is if a private industrial yard (like factory, quarry, industrial plant, etc...) wanted something like a 1x per week sweep, @ ~1 hr. per time.... Instead of paying a private sector vendor to come in 1x p/week service, they could buy that, and put their own man in it, for their 1x per week. If you showed up with that thing at the time of bid, showed them what it would do, but then sold them on the concept of merely buying the sweeper outright. Because, odds are, a plant like that is not going to be wise to scouting auctions, dealing with getting a used ones bugs worked out, etc.... But if someone has one, right in their yard, showing them a good end-result, then .... sometimes they do-the-math and decide that if they put their own-man in it, that they'll save $$.

Re: Trying to figure out the year of my sweeper and what 1TE4 stands for

Posted: Wed Sep 18, 2019 12:13 am
by 1TE4
Thank You very informative.