Class codes for workers comp.

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Class codes for workers comp.

Post by Tom_in_CA » Thu Jul 28, 2016 4:24 pm

There seems to be several different class codes that can cover sweeper drivers. I believe there's one code that actually refers to "sweepers" in its description. But we can also be in a janitorial category. And another describes "clearing and grubbing for paving related work".

And I have talked to some other sweeper Co's in CA, who have a different code than ours . Some of it could be due to "dumb luck", where some agent way-back-when simply assumed they belonged in. Or perhaps it more accurately describes *their* particular type of sweeping . Eg.: shopping centers, versus broom sweepers doing industrial facilities and/or city streets, versus construction oriented paving related sweeping, etc...

Naturally, we sweeper co's will want to be in the cheapest category, doh! Has any of you ever been told by your agent, that if there's any cross-over description of your work (eg.: you do a mix of both maintenance related AND paving related), that you have to defer to the higher of the two rates ? Or *at best* they will tell you that you have to break out all the time on employees work logs and time cards, to show which hours went to which categories (what a pain !!).

I know a friend's company who is in a class code that is nearly half as much as ours cost. And we do almost identical work. And I highly doubt they are "breaking out the hours" for when they stop and do an incidental different type job (who really cares? Who's really watching or scrutinizing ?)

So how do you guys get to your class code, and do you have any push-back from agents, when attempting to get a cheaper class code ?

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