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My Job Sucks
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Just a plug from a happy customer

Post by My Job Sucks » Wed Feb 08, 2006 2:28 am

Anyone interested in purchasing a Skavinjer can feel free to contact me for a customer reference. Phil (419) 233-9339. I have been using my 2005 GMC/Scavinjer for 9 months, have logged 15000 miles and am satisfied with the results. It is a fuel efficient machine (4.3 V-6). It is maneuverable. It can be mounted on a 1/2 ton chassis, meaning you can buy brakes at the local auto parts store and they are reasonably priced. Any of my employees can drive it, after all it is a pickup truck chassis. They can also be mounted on 3/4 or 1Ton chassis if the high dump feature is a necessity. I have had minimal repairs on it. Tires, a sensor under GM warranty, one cable replaced to lift the pickup head ($30 and 2hours labor), and basic maintenance such as oil changes. Oh yeah, and one door from a "former" employee that decided to pull out and try to drag one of our plow trucks out sweeping with him. :evil: All in all, I would recommend one of these units to anyone sweeping parking lots. Hope this info is helpful to those considering purchasing one! :D

sweeper sandy
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Post by sweeper sandy » Sat Jun 17, 2006 10:37 am

Thank you, it's good to hear from a unbiased source about a good machine. Helps make a decision easier.

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