Best Sweeper for malls

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Best Sweeper for malls

Post by 702sweeper » Fri Jul 08, 2016 3:48 pm

Can anyone tell me which sweeper is better for large malls the regenerative. air or the updraft?

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Re: Best Sweeper for malls

Post by Tom_in_CA » Tue Jul 19, 2016 9:09 am

What do you mean by "updraft" ?

Seems to me that all sweepers nowadays, that are doing shopping centers, are regenerative. Meaning the air goes in a circular flow through the head, tubes, etc.... With certain-point where there's allowed exhaust, in-order to create an imbalance , so that it sucks harder on the "pull" end of the cycle.

They're slight nuances of various designs (such that the makers quibble over how unique theirs is versus the others). For example: Tymco is a bit more sophisticated, with a chamber that allows the "blade" of air, that strikes within the head, to be all-the-way across. Versus Mr. air , for example, where the air all-hits at the one side. And the flap systems have various pro's and con's.

And the tymco allow you to optionally close off all the exhaust, for if you had need to have zero air put back out. But for night-time sweeping of a shopping center, that's over-kill. A Mr. air or Shwarze would be just fine for any shopping center or mall.

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