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Custom Broom for Tennant 365?

Posted: Wed Aug 19, 2009 4:46 pm
by AfterMidnight
Does anyone make custom brooms that would fit a Tennant 365? I have found that the bristles on a Tennant nylon brush are too soft/ too small to work effectively on the sand and gravel we are sweeping. If I use a proex and wire it does a wonderful job of sweeping, but only lasts half as long as the 8 double row nylon and costs more, much more on an hourly basis. Does anyone make a nylon brush with larger diameter bristles?


Re: Custom Broom for Tennant 365?

Posted: Thu Aug 20, 2009 7:37 am
by Tom_in_CA
The answer is yes. At least as of 15 or more years ago. That was the last time our company used the little forklift-sized sweepers. At that time, there was after-market brooms available, that experimented with different composition broom bristles. I recall that you could buy one that had a little bit of crimped-type wire scattered throughout it, to give it more agitation factor (of course, it can't be too much metal wire, lest it be too stiff). And I recall they had other types which tried different types of poly strands (more stiff, less stiff, diamond shaped circumference verses round shaped circumference, etc....) to supposedly address different types surfaces, debri, etc...

That was many years ago, but I would suppose it's still out there? We got our brooms from a local (CA) middle man. Not sure where he got his from (or perhaps he was making [re-wrapping] his own?). Try starting with this Co, and at least they can direct you in the right direction:

Acme Broom Co. in Fresno, CA 800-494-2766, or 559-275-3100