Vac All Replacement

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Vac All Replacement

Postby Randy » Thu Apr 06, 2006 3:59 pm

I work in mining. I am looking to replace a vac all sweeper. I looked at a new Vac All but am concerned with Vac Alls future as far as parts ect. I'm interested in Tymco DST-6 or 600. I have to sweep heavy mud,water sand gravel up to large surge rock. I sweep 12 months ayear regardless of weather.Sodium Chloride is used in freezing weather for dust suppression. I like the idea of dry sweeping with the DST-600. Would this sweeper perform as well as the Vac All? Also the Tymco 600 might be a consideration. Am also going to Demo an Elgin. Has any one used the allianze trucks?

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