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power sweeping

Post by bathilda » Mon Jun 10, 2013 11:25 pm

Which is the best parking lot sweeping, parking lot cleaning, and power sweeping company in the SF bay area? I'm a property manager for a firm in Oakland, and I'm trying to figure what parking lot sweeping service is the best in the bay area. I manage several A-grade properties that absolutely have to be immaculately clean, I want to know who delivers the best service at the best price.
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Re: power sweeping - reply

Post by Tom_in_CA » Mon Jun 17, 2013 4:13 pm

Hi. I'm about 1 hr. south of San Jose. Few questions for you: Are the properties you're talking about retail type places? Like shopping centers? Or are you talking about industrial type places (factories, quarries, etc... where dirt & rock and heavy debri would be expected?)

Because if you mean shopping centers and strip-mall type places, where it'd just be cig. butts, papers, leaves, broken glass, etc..., then there's a TON of companies that do such work. And unfortunately, quality doesn't sell (as you seem to indicate your looking for). Even though property managers like yourself will *SAY* they want quality, yet ..... guess what? They'll go for the lowest bid (can you blame them?) and be content. That's why I got out of that line of work, is that I perpetually saw the cheapest guy get the work, and ..... property managers not really concerned about grit buildup over time (because the parking lot vacuum guys fly through so fast), or corners done well, etc.... We are strictly big sweepers now.

But I'm sure there's a few high-end companies that will do better than fly-by-nights. I suppose you can look at the sloppy centers (like the gritty dirty shopping centers you'd see in east San Jose, for instance) and make note of who NOT to call. And then check out high-end ritzy neighborhood places (like in upscale neighborhoods). See who sweeps those better looking jobs, and .... there you go :)

If you meant industrial type jobs, let me know, because I know who does that caliber of jobs in your area (heck, I travel up there for various calls now and then too). If it's rock & dirt industrial type jobs, you would need the bigger municipal sized broom sweepers. And then you have to ask yourself: did you need corners and such blown and broomed out? Because a lot of those guys with those big rigs will only do where the sweeper reaches. Which is fine if they're just following curb-lines (straight edge municipal type sweeping). Or fine if you're content to have them only sweep where they reach, and never get out of the cab.

Or another alternative, if you're budget conscious too: Ihave seen the following scenario play out here where I'm at: There's a certain fly-by-night speedy-gonzales night-time air sweeper guy, who *just gets by* by getting the obvious litter, paper, etc... But tends to let back corners, truck docks, edges, etc... ."build up". His sweeper probably isn't strong enough to get a pebble bigger than marble. And certainly not accumulated silts, etc... The property manager got "sticker shock" when he shopped for other bids. And the ONLY reason the property manager even shopped for bids, was because a prospective incoming tennant asked "why doesn't your parking lot get swept?". When the prop. mgr. said "it does get done 3x p/week", the prospective tennant showed him the swashes of silt built up around the basins, the moss growing along the edges, the broken glass just strewn about rather than picked up, etc... The embarrassed property manager therefore sought to oust the sweeper and hire someone else. But soon got sticker shock when he saw that his price would more that triple. Doh! So what he did was this: He hired me for one of my big sweepers to make a one-time thorough sweep. Because the bigger sweepers have curb brooms, to grind/agitate all the edges. Whereas the wimpy parking lot sweepers (well, most of them anyhow), do not. They just blow. So anything that's stuck down (like where papers get wet, dirt tends to gravitate to edges, etc...) just accumulates. So I told the property manager that for a certain price, he could just have us come through 1x p/yr. The the REST of the year, the cheapo guy was "good enough" to keep the cig. butts and leaves at bay.

One rule of thumb (as far as I'm concerned), is the type sweeper companies who don't actually own any of their sweepers, but ... instead .... "sub" all the work, will tend to be the cheapo sloppy types. This arrangement evolved decades ago with some of the bigger companies. So that rather than have all their trucks and drivers be employees, they .... instead .... started to let those drivers of certain routes be "independant" owner operators. The theory being, that they'd take better care of the trucks, do better quality, etc... (when it's your own reputation on the line, as opposed to being a mere employee). But eventually, what happens, is "mother companies" who did their work in such a way, tended to want to pay the least amount possible to whomever they sub to. And there were no shortage of drivers who would "race to the bottom" of the price wars, to work for those mother-dispatch companies. So in the end, quality did suffer. So you might want to ask whomever you're calling, if they sub out, or if the actually do the work themselves.

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Re: power sweeping

Post by Protect Environment » Sat Nov 12, 2016 12:35 pm

There are some good sweeping companies- rf dickson, elgin sweeper and so on. you can google by the keyword sweeping companies.
You better can contact with Top- moderator of this forum, for your service. I think Tom also has a great experience in this field!
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you can also ask on yahoo answer to have valuable information about your queries.

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Re: power sweeping

Post by nzn89 » Wed Jan 11, 2017 10:27 pm

Street sweeper is a awesome tool. I'm crazy about it!

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