Heaviest load you've had in a street sweeper

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Heaviest load you've had in a street sweeper

Post by DMD3 » Tue Jan 01, 2008 10:53 am

For those who weigh in when they dump (and get told how heavy their load is), what is the heaviest load you've ever had? (Please tell what kind of sweeper you were driving at the time so we'll know how big it is) And sucking it in through the suction tube on the back doesn't count. :)

The 4th heaviest load I've had was in my (assigned) Tymco 600, and it weighed 10'380 lbs.

The 3rd heaviest was in a Schwarze A7000, and it weighed 10'460 lbs.

The 2nd heaviest I had was also in the Schwarze A7000, weighing 12'040 lbs!

This past Monday, due to a lot of rain the night before, and having a lot of nice wet sand on my route, I got 16'440 lbs in the Tymco 600!!! Of all the sweeper operators that's ever worked for the place I work for, that's a record. No one has ever gotten that high.

I wonder if it might be a world record for a sweeper that size...

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Re: Heaviest load you've had in a street sweeper

Post by amicksweeps » Mon Jan 16, 2012 8:21 am

Thats amazing?! My Schwatze guy told me that the A7000 hopper is bigger than the Tymco. I looked it up and the a7000 says 8.4 yd vs. 7.2 yd (Tymco). What do you make of that?

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