Hello from Texas

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Hello from Texas

Post by sweeptclean » Sat Feb 24, 2018 3:31 pm

Hi all,
trying to learn more about the parking lot cleaning and parking lot maintenance business.
I was referred here by a trusted friend.....

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Re: Hello from Texas

Post by Tom_in_CA » Sun Feb 25, 2018 7:28 pm

Welcome from CA. What questions do you have ?

Some parts of the USA have had a "race to the bottom" in the shopping center sweeping market. Ie.: clowns bidding super low, and racing around like a bat out of heck doing a lousy job. Unfortunately, the property managers choose these lower bids and ......... as long as no is killed ....... put up with mediocrity :( Hopefully your area is not one such area.

We got out of shopping centers for this very reason , and concentrated strictly on the construction/paving broom sweeper market. Humorously ..... 15 yrs. later , those clowns in our area that were capturing all the shopping centers with the low bids, has now gone out of business. And no one else was around to bid on the shopping centers. So the only sweeper willing to do it, had to come from a town 45 min. away. Thus they could bid whatever they want. And now ....... a shopping center than takes 30 min. to do is going for $100 p/sweep ! I'm tempted to get back into shopping centers now, haha

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