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Post by mechsweep » Wed Apr 23, 2014 3:42 am

We are having Hako citymaster 1200 classic - 25 Nos machines , Since INDIA is a heavy dusty roads we are facing dust emitting from blower exhaust which is causing a huge disturbance on city roads. Please advice suitable remedy .... can we incorporate Hopper DUST filter before blower.

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Post by Tom_in_CA » Thu Apr 24, 2014 11:35 am

Welcome mech-sweep.

No, you do not want to try to fit some sort of "filter" where the excess air is exhausting out. Here's why: Because then you will simply cause resistance in the air flow. It will cause a "back-up" in the system. Because think of it: If air is entering IN (of course, since it's a vacuum), then air has to go OUT. And having any sort of filter impede the exit of the air, will simply cause the system to go out of balance :(

So here's some other solutions:

a) try adding a bath-tub of water inside of your hopper, before you start. And you'll have to re-add a bath-tub of water, after each time you dump. eg.: about 1/4 full of water to slosh around inside there. What this will do, is that all the incoming dust particles will hit that water, and be more likely to "stay put" in the hopper. And when you fire up the system, all the incoming air to the hopper will create a "vapor" that is more likely to arrest and catch those airborn particles. Causes them to drop down, rather than light enough to simply continue through the system and out the rear-exhaust. But the downsides of this is:

1) It's going to potentially gum up your screens (the screens that keep the papers and such from being blown out the exhaust). As water droplets and dirt collect on that, then the potential is there to create mud and eventually close up parts that were meant to "breath". So your operator will need to keep an eye on that. 2) it's a muddy mess to clean out at the end of each day. And wherever you drop your debri, it's now going to be a diarrhea mess (depending on how much water you added, how "solidified" the material became as solids were added to it, etc...).

b) do you have ground water sprayers on that ? I'm not familiar with that brand, but do they have a ground-water sprayer system? If not, you could always add one , to customize your own unit. But the downsides of this is:

1) then you have to always be stopping to re-fill with water, and more weight to lug around, etc.... and 2) by using ground water, you are going to be defeating your purpose of PICKING UP the dust. Because that water will cause dust particles to be pasted to the ground, hence not picked up. You'll still pick up leaves, paper, etc... but most of the dust will simply be still on the ground in a discolored pattern. And 30 minutes later, when the sun dries that water, guess what? Dust is still there (somewhat) as opposed to having been picked up. But perhaps that's not an issue for you? Perhaps your objective was only to get the leaves and papers anyhow, and a film of discoloration isn't an issue ?

There's some more tips I have, to improve on the above "bath-tub" system, but first, let us know how that works, and then post back here for some added tips on that system :)

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