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Re: Introduce your self

Posted: Thu Jan 16, 2020 3:21 pm
by sunsweeping
Hello all😎👍🏼

My name is Matt and I’m the owner of a small street sweeping company called (Sun Sweeping). The business itself has been in business since 1980 and we still have accounts from the 80s. My wife and I have owned the business for about 16 or 17 years and it was a bumpy ride but we are finally getting to a good place. We are actually starting to systematize our business (late bloomer here)And run it more like a franchise. Not that I’m going to franchise the business but I want to run it like one so that if I ever sell it I will get top dollar for it. With putting systems in place and trying to make sure everything on our trucks is exactly the same has really helped us. Starting to do the same forMy shop. Basically every tool has its place and I’ve noticed that when I Implemented these changes some of my team members I thought would fight me but everyone followed my lead which really encouraged me.

I’m here because I would like to connect with other people that are like-minded in the hobby of developing a business. Some of the books I’ve read and I would highly recommend to others is The E-Myth and Change the Culture Change the Game. I’m also currently reading The Toyota Way. I have three (Masco Sweepers) and probably about 130 accounts.

I love my God, my sweetheart wife, my children, and all my team members. I literally have the best team I’ve ever had but none of this came easy😎👊🏼

I have an Instagram and a YouTube channel that I’m starting to work on for my (Sun Sweeping) business if anyone would like to follow or join me in those places as well.

Sun Sweeping YouTube
Sun Sweeping Instagram

God Bless and thanks! Looking forward to growing our businesses together and gleaning ideas off one another.

Matt - Sun Sweeping

Re: Introduce your self

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 6:50 am
by Tom_in_CA
Welcome from central coast California.

Re: Introduce your self

Posted: Fri Jan 17, 2020 4:21 pm
by sunsweeping
Thank you Tom:) I am in Huntington Beach California.

Re: Introduce your self

Posted: Wed Feb 05, 2020 12:25 pm
by Tom_in_CA
I hear that the southern CA area parking lot business became super "cut throat" starting 30 or so years back. One guy I talked to, from down there (Orange county area) got out of the shopping centers, and started focusing strictly on broom sweepers (construction / paving related sweeper work). Because, as he put it : It got to the point where if you bid $5 per sweep on a shopping center, then sure as heck, someone else would come along and bid $4 :evil:

And no matter how much he tried to sell his services by "Quality" (vs. price), and no matter HOW much the customers insisted on quality yet : At the end of the day, they always chose by price, and .... he just couldn't make any money.

Has things changed ? Like for example, if you had a shopping center, that would take a single guy an hour to blow off sidewalks/corners, then hop in his sweeper to sweep : What would you charge per sweep, for something like that ?