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Sweeper Drawings

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Below are just a few examples of the many images we have available for sending as email postcards. Click on the images or descriptions below, or choose from the complete list to the left.

You can send these images, along with your personal message, to anyone with an email address. That makes them perfect for messages to your sweeping service prospects and clients, as well as to others in the industry.

Many of these pictures may also be viewed at the Slideshow Site, and some are even available for purchase.

Sweeper Drawings

Sweeper Drawings

Vintage Elgin Sweeper

Vintage Elgin Sweepers

Austin Western Sweeper

Vintage Austin Westerns

Miscellaneous Vintage Sweepers

Miscellaneous Vintage Sweepers

Old Mobil Sweepers

Vintage Mobil Sweepers

Toy Sweepers

Toy Sweepers

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