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California Air Resources Board Proposes New Rules for Sweeper Chassis Engine Emissions

The agency now has street-class sweepers included for impending regulation. Unless changes are made to the regulations, the upshot is that most current sweepers over 14,000 GVW that are now in operation in California will be out of compliance starting in 2010. Read/Listen to the story.

California Air Resources Board Regulates Auxiliary Engines -- 35 Different Ways

Each of the 35 California Air Quality Management Districts may regulate sweeper auxiliary engines of 51hp and above. In at least one AQMD, Sacramento, it is no longer legal to run a sweeper of this size older than 2003 unless you already have a permit to do so.
Read the story. (Opens in a separate window.)

Determining the Cost of a Municipal Sweeping Program

A vast array of factors make every city bid unique. Here are some helpful ideas for both municipalities and private contractors. Read the story.

City of Long Beach Sweeping Program Leads Through Innovation

This beachfront community sweeps 16-17,000 miles a month. As a result, they've developed some unique approaches to accommodate residential parking needs. Read the story.

Ideas for Improvement

The St. Paul, Minnesota-based Metropolitan Council is a regional agency that conducts long-range planning and research for the Twin Cities metro area. Here are their study results on providing great services in a time of shrinking budgets.Read the story.

Contractor Pitfalls of Performing Street Sweeping

In our Parking Area website section we have a number of interviews with street sweeping contractors about the 'do's and don'ts' to watch out for before adding street and highway sweeping to a parking lot sweeping business. Go there. Opens into a new window.

International Best Practices

At the Rio Summit in 1992, 178 countries signed on to this best practices doctrine for solid waste management. Read the story.

Sweeping in Copenhagen

When it comes to sweeping, the managers of Copenhagen, Denmark, have developed a host of innovative ideas. Read the story.

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