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Operational Tips for Sweeping Professionals

Proper Sweeper Main Broom Down-Pressure is Vitally Important

The Life You Save May Be Your Broom's!

Improper downward pressure can decrease broom life up to 95%. A broom sweeps with the tips of its bristles. When too much down-pressure is applied, the broom is no longer using its tips; the broom is now working with the sides of the bristles. This limits the flicking action of the bristles, limits its sweeping effectiveness and reduces the useful life the broom bristles will provide.

Main Broom Pattern #1 Main Broom Pattern #2

To check to see if your broom has correct downward pressure, operate the broom on the ground and rotate at normal operating speed with the machine remaining stationary. Then, lift the sweeping assembly to check the width of the broom pattern. The correct sweeping path of a properly adjusted assembly will show a 2" - 4" pattern.

The information above is reprinted by permission from the United Rotary Brush website. United Rotary has been providing brooms to the sweeping industry for more than two decades. If you have any questions about curb or main broom adjustments, quality, etc., feel free to call the broom professionals at United Rotary Brush, toll free, at 800-543-3515.

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