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'Swiss Army Sweeper' is Everyone's Dream Machine

For the 'do everything' contractor, this dream sweeper offers a host of amenities...

cartoon Cartoon by John Gilbert

This cartoon is reprinted from American Sweeper magazine, Volume 9 Number 1, 2003.

A. Bubblejet 2004TM exhaust-heated hot tub with optional remote foot controls

B. Swing-arm side mower with pneumatic side-blow system

C. Fully automatic garbage bag retrieval/hopper stowing mechanism

D. Shrubbery and limb trimmer with hydraulic scissor-arm controls

E. Front scoop with plenty of room for several dead animals or up to 25 used diapers

F. Roof-mounted extendable spray system for sidewalks or washdown

G. Satellite dish for both TV and Web access (optional GPS supervisor tracking system available)

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