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Street Sweeping Parody Song #2

by giblet o'sarcasm

Editor's Note: I found this on a song parody website called, which is dedicated to archiving parodies of well-known songs and lyrics that are commonly mis-heard. Here's what one parody lyricist had to offer about a street sweeper.

"Street Sweeper" Parody by giblet o'sarcasm is based on, and intended to be sung to the music of, the song "Dream Weaver" by Gary Wright

A 'tribute' to the unsung heroes of our cities, who work late at night to keep our streets looking good.


I just plug my ears at night
Trying to block the street sweeper noise
Windows are useless against that rumbling hum
Louder than my neighbor's toys

CHORUS: Ooh Ooh Street Sweeper
Can't believe how you sweep our streets so clean
But Street Sweeper
I wish you drove a quieter machine

Working late beneath the starry skies
Brushing up the asphalt plain
Rattling my windows and nerves each night
Driving all of my pets insane


Gone forever the good old days
When street sweepers used brooms
If the lesser of two evils I could choose
I'd rather hear sonic booms

Ooh Ooh, Street Sweeper
Can't believe how you sweep our streets so clean
But I'm a light sleeper
Can't they give you a quieter machine

Street Sweeper
Street Sweeper....(echo and fade)


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