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Sweeping in Australia

Update, Spring of 2006

Mark Scull, head of Australia's Brisbane-based sweeping industry dealer, Sweepers, has his finger on the pulse of what's currently happening in the Australian sweeping industry. Here's what Scull had to offer as an update on sweeping 'down under' in the Spring of 2006.

by Mark Scull Logo First, as a background on us: We have our own factory and office in Cleveland, which is a coastal suburb of Brisbane, AU. We have sales staff and field service, plus some agents in far north Queensland. Queensland is a very large, spread out state, so we need to work through agents to reach that market and even then still do a lot of travel to service such a far flung area.

We represent these sweepers and scrubber lines:

  • Alto,
  • Boxer,
  • American Lincoln,
  • Tornado (an Australian-made back vacuum unit),
  • Nilfisk Advance,
  • Green Machine.

Boxer Sweeper

We also make broom segments for Schwarze sweepers using oil-tempered spring steel wire. We are also sweeping contractors, providing contract sweeping and scrubbing for warehouses and yards.

The Australian sweeper marketplace has been changing quite rapidly in the past several years. Although Schwarze took over a significant market share after they came to Australia about five years ago, that appears to be being eroded by several factors.

The Scarab sales team has lifted their game greatly and have improved their sales with their relatively new one-engine sweeper called the 'Merlin.' They have also recruited the services in Melbourne of Robin McKwirk, who is the ex National Sales manager of McDonald Johnston.

The entire Australian sweeper marketplace is seeing increasing contractor demand due to efforts by the government to stop water wastage and also reduce dust emissions in the workplace. For an example, we have a lot of demand for a new American Lincoln combination sweeper scrubber that does a great job of cleaning large warehouses and then disposes of collected waste in proper treatment facilities.

Washing warehouse floors into storm water now can earn a $50,000AUS$ on the spot fine from the EPA department.

With the continuation of water declining in our dams, along with the extended droughts we've seen in recent years, it will be inevitable that the quantity of water consumed by large sweepers will more and more become an issue. There is an urgent need for manufacturers to look at design in dust control pre-fan and after-fan exhaust to get the best result with minimum water usage.

To contact Mark Scull, principal in Sweepers of Australia, send email to. His company's website is located at

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